Associations and Alliances

Apple Development Partner

Apple Newton Development Partner

Filemaker Solution Alliance

Member Apple Advance Technology Seed Program

Member Microsoft Development Network

Netscape DevEdge Partner

Wayfarer QuickServer Developer


Products & Services  Down load pdf presentation of current products and services.

InterGalatic Order Net is a peer-to-peer application message switching network developed to provide a homogeneous infrastructure that allows the users and providers of heterogeneous services to communicate. (download whitepaper)

pdaQuote™  pdaQuote™ is a wireless/wired quote, charting and news monitoring  pen based system.  Cross platform for Apple's Newton.

 pdaBroker™ is a wireless/wired broker station that is  cross platform for Apple’s Newton.  It uses csMIS's Enterprise server to transmit order and execution information between clients.

pdaPosition™ mission is an add on module to pdaQuote™ for tracking and evaluating open positions.

 K-12 AdminPro™ is a client/server application that links student information, teacher and student class scheduling, attendance, bus scheduling, report card grading and printing and much more through out a school district.  Utilizing FileMaker Pro 3.0 SDK with FileMaker Pro 3.0 Server K-12 is an inexpensive cross platform productivity tool for the networked school system.  Additional features include security module for logging and authentication, remote access via dial-in, intranet and internet.  Unified customizable GUI for manageable version control.  Modular in design to accommodate future feature sets.  Requires FileMaker Pro 3.0 Server.

TradeChecker™ is an internet based post-trade matching system that allows traders to automatically check trades and exchange clearing information.

MG2client Download MG2 distributes real-time subscription based market information. Market information includes Bid/Ask; Players; Levels of Interest; Settlements.


Jim Geldermann, Corp.

PO Box 900

Glenview, IL 60025-0900


Organization:  was organized in 1995 to act as the anchor entity for a core group of independent developers, thus forming a virtual corporation for the purpose of bringing together established and talented software engineers, project managers and solution designers to build unique solutions.  This concept allows to easily plan and scale for projects in-progress and projects in the pipeline.'s niche is moving bits and bytes over wired and wireless networks in a secure environment, leaving the smallest footprint possible.  Our primary resource is our alliances with manufacturers of hardware and software and our high level network of independent contractors.

Areas of Expertise

   1. Peer-to-Peer Solutions

   2. Multi-tiered Client/Server

   3.  RSA's RC-4 Encryption

   4.  Legacy Connectivity Solutions

   5.  Wireless Communications

   6.  Custom PDA software

   7.  Cross platform integrations

Programming Environments









Prograph and Prograph CPX (object-orientated)


Visual Basic

Visual C++